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Introduction to Donn Ernst Wrestling Instructional Video in Yakutsk with Yakutian Athlete in competition at National Tournament. One of the few coaches in the world invited to coach on Russian soil. Totally appreciative and an honor to have done so...



I was involved with the United States Wrestling Teams (AAU) from 1973-1983; Seven Russian vs. USA dual meets, and Seven World Cup Tournaments. From 1975-1979, I was selected as the USA AV Scouting Technician. It was an honor to videotape Four World Championships and the 1976 Olympics. After each World Championships and the 1976 Olympic event, my videos were used to prepared our USA athletes for the next World and Olympic competitions. After 45 years of analyzing technique, I am extremely knowledgeable to express an opinion, as to the success and failure of techniques executed.

Throughout the world, my collection of 1970's WORLD CLASS VIDEOS have never been duplicated or matched by any dedicated wrestling enthusiast. John Holke, Publisher of Amateur Wrestling News proclaimed, "Donn Ernst, the truest pioneer of video (wrestling)."

The Donn Ernst Wrestling Legendary Video Booklet is a mastery of seeing World Champions and Olympic Champions at their very best. Also, define why a World Class Wrestler was defeated. My coaching success would not be possible without the motivation and highest dedication from others. They include in the 1970's; John Dustin of the AAU Committee, 1972 Olympic Coach Bill Farrell, and 1976 Olympic Coach James Peckham. In May, 1973; I had witnessed my first Russian versus USA Freestyle dual meets. After seeing the Russians compete, I knew my coaching strategy was an embarrassment. The Russians educated me in the strengths of the High Single Leg technique versus other techniques. During the Minsk 1975 World Championships, Yuri Shakhmuradov (URS Olympic Coach) allowed me to videotape the competition from mat side. In front of 10,000 spectators, I had the best videotaping seat. The Russians educated me of the strengths of the High Single Leg technique versus other techniques. But it all began in 1971, in meeting the legendary Coach Billy Martin Sr (Granby). He gave me guidance and direction, he replied, "You got to study the best in the world."

HIGH SINGLE LEG. The Russian contingent would lecture me and say, "Americans go to knees too much." This made me think of Dan Gable's only Folk style loss (181-1) versus Larry Owings, (1970 NCAA Finals), and Dan being caught on his knees. My comment is in no way to disrespect his accomplishments as an athlete or coach. My respect for Dan is unlimited. Also in 1973, I witnessed Two Time Olympic and Four Time World Champion Levan Tediashvili (URS) executed the High Single Leg versus Vince Palamo (USA). And again during the 1976 Olympics; Tediashvili, versus Ben Peterson (USA, 1972 Olympic Champion). Tediashvili countered Ben's Low Double Leg attacks. And scored four High Single Leg Takedowns. Pavel Pinigin (URS) was great in executing High Single Leg attacks in capturing four consecutive World Titles (1975-1978). In the 1992 Olympics, Chris Campbell, 82 KG (USA) was a living legend, executing High Single Leg attacks versus Low Single Leg attacks. Example, Ota (JPN) vs Campbell (USA).

LOW SINGLE LEG. The Japanese and Koreans illustrated great strategy of attacking to the ankles versus attacking the knee(s). Great examples from Japan in the 1970's; Kato, Kudo, Yanagida, Takada, and Tomiyama. And 1988 Olympic Champion Mitsura Sato 52 KG (JPN). Our discussion can not eliminate 1988 and 1992 Olympic Champion John Smith 62 KG. (USA). John was one of the world's best in executing Low Single Leg attacks.

CROSS GRAIN LEG ATTACKS. I've come to realize that the Cross Grain Single Leg Attacks had been in existence for a very long time. The first one that I have on videotape was in 1972 Olympics; Mongolian versus Wayne Well (USA Olympic and World Champion). Other examples; in 1973 USA versus Russia dual meets. You can find these techniques executed throughout my "Wrestling Legendary Video Booklet," VHS/DVD collection.

This does not mean that other techniques do not work. But you should strongly concentrate on High Percentage and avoiding Low Risk techniques. Lloyd Keaser's (USA) was a great example of executing High percentage technique, when executing his Under Hook Ankle Pick or his High Knee Pick. I want my athletes to execute great technique, against excellent opponents and bad opponents. Do not create bad habits versus the lesser opponent.

FINALLY. If you study my Wrestling Legendary Videos and the 400 matches available, you should create the same philosophy and theory. Your conclusions should be the same. My Instructional Wrestling Video and Edited Wrestling Highlights VHS/DVD tapes show techniques of equal comparison. Go to Page 76 and read "My Final Comments." I strongly encourage you to checkout Dan Gable, Tom and Terry Brands videos and interviews.



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Videos are available in VHS and DVD format. Each video comes with syllabus, and strategy of technique demonstrated.

1) The Best Of The Past: 1972 and 1976 Olympics: 2 Hour. VHS/DVD Format. Cost $50.00
2) High Single Leg Instructional: 2 Hour. VHS/DVD Format. Cost $50.00
3) Edited Highlights: 2 Hour. VHS/DVD Format. Cost $50.00
4) 1975 World Freestyle Championships: Black and White. 2 Hour. VHS/DVD Format.
Featuring Russian Olympic and World Champions; Also Japanese, Germany, and Mongolia. Matches are edited; setup, attack and finished.
2 Tapes, 42 Matches. Cost $100.00
5) 1976 Olympics Freestyle non-cut. Black and white. 2 Hour. VHS/DVD Format
Featuring 5 Russian Champions; Yumine, Pinigin, Tediashvili, Yarygin, Andiev, and others. Japan's Takada and Date. Plus USA and others. Every Champion and place winner recorded.
5 Tapes. 94 Matches. Cost $200.00
6) 1977 World Freestyle Championships. Black and white. 2 Hour VHS/DVD Format. Featuring Russians; Yumine, Pinigin, and others. Plus Japan's Takada and Saksaki. And Germany and USA.
2 Tapes. 48 Matches. Cost $100.00
7) 1978 World Freestyle Championships. Black and white. 2 Hour VHS/DVD Format. Featuring 6 Russian Champions; Kornileav, A. Beloglazov, Yumine, Pinigin, Araticlov, and Andiev. Also, Tediashvili (URS) loss vs Buttner (GDR). Plus, Germany, Japan and USA.
4 Tapes. 89 Matches. Cost $150.00
8) 1979 World Freestyle Championships. Color. 2 Hour VHS/DVD Format. Every Place Winner Video Tape. Featuring Russian Champions; Kornileav, Yumine, Charchura, Ortchev, and Mate
Japan; Takada and Tomiyama. Kemp (USA) wins Second World Title. Edited Down to showing the Setup, Attack & Finishes.
2 Tapes. 94 Matches. Cost $100.00


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